9 Reasons Why Text121Chat is a Waste of Time

One day, while searching Onlinejobs.ph for a good job or racket that I could apply to, I came to a job post that caught my interest.

It says something like “earn while chatting, 3c per text sent, easy job” – something like that.

I’m not very good in my maths so 3c actually looked alright. I checked out more about that job post.

So somewhere in the job description, it said that I should go to http://www.text121chat.com/application-form.php to apply and so I did with a combination of excitement and curiosity.

So that link would lead you to an online form and it’s quite a bit.

I then noticed that some “odd” info are required and maybe it’s just me but I felt like it’s just too much for the first step of the application process.

Plus, the Independent Self-Employed Contract and the Nondisclosure Agreement – some things just don’t feel right.

And so I did a little research about the company before actually deciding to fill-out the form and apply.

Here’s some pretty interesting comments I found:

You can look for some reviews about Text121Chat yourself if you want.

I’m pretty sure it would be hard to find a single favorable review about them.


Text121Chat doesn’t care about their workers or employees.

Text121Chat cheats when it comes to paying their workers or employees.

Text121Chat pays very low rates.

Text121Chat won’t reward your hard work.

Most of the work you’ll do in Text121Chat is adult chatting.

In case you have or you found a positive review about Text121Chat, please comment below.