Do You Want to Know How to Earn a Six-Figure Income from Home?

Who wouldn’t love to reach a 6-figure monthly income? I’m pretty sure there are some Filipino online freelancers out there who do but I’m not sure if I know one – Jomar Hilario perhaps? Or this guy, John Pagulayan, founder of The Freelance Movement, whose video post is currently taking Facebook by storm. Well at least to those who are working home-based and to those who are interested to be one.

I’m one of the 500 and counting who commented “YES” out of a shining interest and curiosity. And that made me reveal myself as one of those online freelancers who haven’t reached that 6-figure monthly income yet. LOL! Well, haven’t yet.

I encourage you to just go ahead, comment “YES” under that video post, next things to happen are very welcoming I can assure you. After all, being an online worker is a continuous learning experience so better grab anything that looks interesting and best, doesn’t ask for your money upfront.

And yes, earning a 6-figure monthly income as an online freelancer is possible. The question is, would it require you to work more hours than usual?

Here’s the video post. Cheers! 😉