How to Easily Build a Simple and Powerful Landing Page

I just finished making my first ever marketing landing page for a book using Thrive Themes.

Congratulations to me!

It’s one of our first BIG assignments for the Affiliate Marketing course.

I should admit, using Thrive Themes is a lot easier compared to just using the bare WordPress tools.

Thrive Themes is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) online marketing tool, software, or app.

If you’re someone who’s looking forward to building a website for your business or building a business website to help market products that would add betterment to people’s lives, you should consider getting a Thrive Themes subscription.

If like me, you believe that time is more valuable than money and effort put together, get a Thrive Themes subscription.

With Thrive Themes, you can jump from being zero to hero in no time!

With its tools, basically, you just have to start from a template then alter its contents with the details of the product you’re going to market online. It’s as easy as how I said it!

How you see it as you do the editing is how your page will actually look like – WYSIWYG remember?

From this template below, (yes that’s just a template and that’s the awesome tool bar on the right side)..


..I was able to make an eye-candy landing page for a book I’m promoting. (Pardon me for not altering the image of the lady. She looks like a doctor and I’m promoting a book written by a doctor so I thought the image would already be perfect and you may agree! And I’m also a lazy person.) So, TADAAANNNNN!

Your Newborn SS

^^^Don’t be shy and click the image above to experience how the buttons and scrolling smoothly work! *wink *wink

I did it in less than an hour. (My OC-ness contributed a lot to the delay.)

Who said you won’t be able to make a kick-ass landing page if you’re not a programmer or an HTML expert?

Now, everybody can with Thrive Themes.

Better WordPress Content

In case you want to get more idea on how the making of a landing page with Thrive Themes goes. Here’s a tutorial from their awesome team themselves. I would have made my own tutorial but theirs is already more than enough. *wink *wink