How to Make Money While Just Being at Home

Let’s discuss how to make money while just being at home.

Do you have a computer (desktop or laptop) in a good working condition?

Do you have a highly reliable Internet connection that provides at least 1mpbs?

Do you live in the city or at least in a place where there’s a consistent supply of electricity, or if not, owns a generator that can back-up power interruptions?

If your answer to the questions above are all yeses, then you’re good to go to take the road to learn how to make money while just being at home.

Learning how to make money at home by yourself is alright but I’d still recommend that you attend a Jomar Hilario How To Make Money at Home Seminar to receive “the right push”. That’s where I came from – one of his seminars back in November 2011.

But of course, you can still create your own exciting journey in finding out how to make money from home.

The Top “Legit” Sites That Will Show You How to Earn Money from Home

So you got the basic requirements of being able to work at home. You have your computer and you have your trustworthy Internet connection.

You can now go to or to create online profiles.

Of all the websites providing ways to earn money online, those two I mentioned are obviously my most recommended.


Because I initially got my online works by creating accounts on their site. So those two or referral from somebody who already know the ways to earn money from home will do. (One of my regular work at home jobs today was just a referral from a friend. Yes, I have more than one – more of this in my future posts.)

Here’s the list of other websites that show us how to make money online, where I also put up an account on.

Fyi, you don’t have to pay to create an account with them.

Other “Money Making Ideas” Sites

Outsourcely. I have an account here complete to 100% with a video resume. I applied to many job posts where I ended up getting bored and almost decided to delete my account. Boring place to search for an online work. I created my profile here, 100% complete with video resume almost at the same time with my Outsourcely. The feel is almost the same with Outsourcely.

Craigslist. I posted an ad here once. It felt like I was creating an ad for a newspaper because their website looks like one. I indicated there that “I am looking for ways to earn money online and I’m an expert in admin jobs, virtual assistance, and customer service (but doesn’t want to talk over the phone)”. At least 3 people contacted me about it but their offers were far from what I was looking for. I guess I was just being lazy to reply at those times.

LinkedIn. My account/profile here is also 100% complete. I’ve been contacted here more times than I actually expected by online employers, corporate world recruiters, agencies, and guess what, the good ol’ MLMs. It’s great but what I’m currently having as a work at home guy is far better than what they’re offering. My first try to create an account here was back in 2011. I resurrected my account a week ago because my online sideline required us to be on Freelancer. We’ll use their desktop app which is a working time tracker. It turns out that really knows the awkward ways to earn money online for themselves. Unlike Upwork, Outsourcely,, etc., they ask for test fees and getting-featured fees. With them, you can upgrade your account to premium for a payment. “Hey, I am looking for an online work to find ways to earn money, not to spend some.”

Remote Staff. Remote staff is basically an Australian and a Philippine company altogether. I got a contractual job from them once way back in like 2013 or 2014. I tell you, job application to them was like applying for one in the government. There were lots of paperwork. There were lots of requirements to be submitted. You have to wait. They are more of a middle man, agency that connects you to a client. I survived a training with their Australian client who was looking for a super assistant but was only willing to give a measly payment. I never came back to them after that until last year where I’ve been handled by at least 3 recruiting staff who interviewed me via chat and phone, promised me that they’ll get me an online work, but wasn’t able to get me one.

Others. If I don’t remember then the site is not worth remembering. But wait I remember some. In this category comes RareJob and other online English tutorial companies. They’re just not so worthy of our time.



All joy and success,

Mark Israel



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