How to Win Big in the Online Corporate World

So you finally got a gig (contractual online work) or better, a full time, regular online work.

Congratulations! You are now officially a work at home person.

Feel it.

It’s like an early retirement.

It’s doing what you like while working.

You can clean your room or house in between your working hours.

You can go straight to work right after waking up and go straight to bed right after finishing work.

You can work while wearing shorts, or just go plain shirtless (I mean for guys).

Taking a bath before going to work won’t be super necessary now – yay!

There’s no need to ride a public transport or drive and rush to or from work anymore.

Congratulations. Congratulations.

Now, you receive an email or a message via Skype from the person you’re working for, or your online employer.

You’re not in an office anymore.

That person is overseas or at least miles away and you commit a dreadful mistake by addressing him or her, “boss”, “sir”, “madam”, etc.

Oh wait. Something’s wrong.

Well, perhaps, most of them won’t mind, but friend, don’t do that please.

It’s like you’re missing your office where you regularly get checked on by your supervisor or interrogated by your manager.

Believe me, they (your online employer) would be happier and feel more comfortable with you if you call them by their first name.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time you’re responding to their message or whether you’re in an interview or a regular chat/voice meeting online.

The terms “boss”, “sir”, “madam”, and other courtesy titles to a superior is so 90s.

So old school.

Let’s leave that to the office peeps and to the oldies.

In the online corporate world, we all work as a team with one goal.

Bring yourself up to the right level.

Start addressing your “workmates” in a most appropriate manner.

Call them by their first name. Not Mr/Ms [insert first or last name here] but their first name.

Get used to it.

Then you’ll say, “I’m too young to not call him boss.”, “I’m a newbie so I should call her ma’am.”

Well indulge yourself and find it awkward to develop proper ways to communicate with the top personalities you’ll meet online.

The problem with some people is they put too much, or should I say, unnecessary courtesy in their words, unconsciously bringing themselves and their self worth down.

I tell you what, you can still definitely be courteous without having to use those prefixes, because courtesy is not best expressed through words, but through actions.

Have you ever heard some people use those domineering prefixes while cursing a certain someone they hate?

What a paradox!

I repeat.

Put more courtesy in your actions, not in your words.




All joy and success,

Mark Israel



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