The Best Cheapest Colored Printer You Can Get Right Now

I was looking for a printer that I could buy quickly, and by quickly, I meant something that I didn’t have to save some money for few weeks to be able to purchase.

So I researched a bit, checked out some local stores in Manila, and landed straight to the actual cheapest one – the Canon Pixma iP2870.

The only downside that I immediately realized was, there was no other color option but white.

We all know what happens to white surfaces in the dusty city of Manila – they get easily smudged with random unclean things in time.

But I really wanted a printer so I could print a couple of eBooks I would hate to read on my computer screen (because eyes).

Originally searched for a black-ink-only printer but it seemed like the market was not ready for that in the domestic sector.

Stores do have black-ink-only printers but ones which are huge, and are intended for offices and business establishments.

So I bookmarked this NEO Store in SM North because the mall is just like 3-4 kilometers from my city home.

They didn’t have the lowest price as per but the store seemed reliable, plus it’s near my place.

I called them to check the stocks and was told that they had one Canon Pixma iP2870 left so I told the phone lady that I’d drop by later that day and so I did.

Cutting the story short now, I got the printer at it’s actual displayed price online – Php 1,800.

I was able to print an eBook with all its about 100 pages and the printer did it’s job very well.

UNBOXING: Canon Pixma iP2870